Easy Returns

Shucks! My order isn’t what I expected. Now what??

No worries!!! All unused items may be returned or exchanged within 60 days of purchase.  Additional shipping charges will be assessed on all exchange transactions.  We all love new gear, so if your items appear to be used or placed into water, they will be considered used. Thanks for understanding the importance of brand new gear.


It’s within the 60 days and my gear has been slightly used and I cannot find the original packing…


That’s not too big of an issue! When you return your gear to the shop, we will examine the quality of the gear and give you a gift certificate for 50% to 75% of the cost of the gear towards the purchase of something else within the shop.  Remember, if it’s used, we cannot sell it within our shop any longer, but we want you to be a happy diver.



It’s 60-120 days from the day of purchase and my items are new… but I have really changed my mind on what I have bought.


That’s okay too.  We will send you a gift certificate for 100% of the credit that you can use to purchase any product we sell within the shop.


I’m so excited! I leave for my dive vacation next week!! Will my gear already be put together??

Yes it will!!! Our on-site gear experts will completely assemble your gear so you are ready to jump in.  Since it is assembled by a professional, just do your normal pre-dive equipment check and get your bottom time going!