Our PADI Instructors

If you have been to a dive shop in Southern California, there’s a pretty good chance you have been to one of our five dive shops. We are so fortunate to provide you with the best service, highest quality gear, and awesome instructors up and down the California coastline. We are very selective with our dive instructors and the gear we sell. Here’s why:


At Beach Cities Scuba, every person you talk to has years of dive experience under their weight belt. The “air tank fill boys” that work behind the scenes might look young, but they were born to dive and have numerous dive certifications and experience behind them. All of our instructors, as well as our main sales employees, have decades of experience. We even have THREE course directors – D.J., Linda and Perry – that have received the highest levels of certifications and teach other scuba instructors new things! That’s impressive dedication to the SCUBA industry. Our instructors are knowledgeable on the equipment you want, methods to help improve your diving, and an uncanny ability to reveal the best places to dive in Southern California.


Our instructors are fish! Not really, but they sure are familiar with the diving industry! Our dive instructors have dove all over the world and have come from all 4 corners. Each instructor has a passion for the underwater world and helping students gain this passion is one of their primary goals. Chances are, our dive instructors have either dove or have lived in the areas you are thinking about diving or vacationing to, so ask them questions about it! If they don’t know, they will get the answer for you, that’s for sure! As a dive shop, we take dive trips on a yearly basis. If you are looking for a reason for dive travel, ask about the trips we have planned for the year. Chances are you too will want to escape to the underwater world with us!

While each instructor has their own amazing story, they all live and dive locally. They know the dive sites and are able to really show you what our beautiful underwater world in Southern California is really about. Exploring the area, taking in the wonders of the kelp forests, and exploring the rocky shoreline are just a few of the awesome marvels you will encounter with us!

Remember, you can call and talk with our instructors or connect with them on our social media sites. We are here to help you explore the underwater world we are so passionate about.

Practical Knowledge

Servicing your gear is essential, and we understand the importance and the peace of mind entrusted in gear that is in full working order. At Beach Cities Scuba, we only employ fully certified scuba technicians to service your gear on site. Grant it, some gear does have to get shipped out for specific purposes, but for the most part, your gear is serviced in house and is ready in just a few days. Feel confident knowing our gear techs have received certifications from training seminars they have attended for the manufacturers we service. Keeping their skills up-to-date is just as important to you as it is to us. Here’s the bottom line – they service our gear as well! If we trust them, you can too!

Equipment Geeks

Beach Cities Scuba has 5 locations throughout Southern California; therefore we have a lot of inventory. If you are looking for it, chances are it’s in ONE of our FIVE shops. Heck, we will even get it from one of our shops for you; if it’s not at our location closest to your home, we’ll personally bring it to you! Plus, we love the new stuff the industry keeps creating. To see one of us in the water is a fashion statement! We love the gear we sell so much that we purchase it as well. Looking for that perfect wetsuit? We have several to choose from, each with its own unique features. In need of a dive computer that fits your varying dive needs? We have several that are easy to use even for the most technical diving. It’s about your dive needs and what equipment you feel most comfortable with. We are here to help you find exactly what you want.

New Possibilities

Travel. Additional certifications. Career opportunities. Friendships. To say it’s a whole new world is an understatement! There are limitless ways we can help you with your scuba diving needs and desires. For some it’s a hobby, for others it’s an excuse to travel to exotic locations. For us, it’s our passion. We are here to help you in any way possible.