Release Forms

Please download these release forms and start your experience today!

(1) Medical Statement Release:

Even though scuba diving is a fun and safe activity we still need to make sure that you are in great working condition to experience the excitement of scuba diving.  In order to start your adventure please bring the below form to your physician to sign off that you are A OKAY!

Medical Statement

(2) Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding:

We know that you know the risks of diving but we still need you to sign this form.  We usually give out these forms at orientation but with all the excitement and eagerness to learn you really don’t get a chance to actually review it.  So here’s your chance, please READ, print, sign and bring to your orientation class.

Statement of Understanding

(3) Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement

Another form…Our staff is the best out there.  We take pride in how thorough we are in training our Instructors.  And they have a great deal of pride in how thorough they are in teaching you what they know like the back of their hand!

Liability Release

(4) Learning Agreement

Please read this form and understand the contents so that you know what to expect from our professional staff and what the professional staff expects from you as a student!

Learning Agreement

(5) Statement of Risk and Liability – Boat Travel

You’re on a BOAT!  And we are more than ecstatic that you are traveling with us!  The boats we charter are top notch.  From the convenience and the crew you are bound to have a heightened dive experience.

Boat Release