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If you're like me, you've mentally spent a majority of 2021 like the person in this picture. A lot of our pre-2020 life is forever altered from the likes of the coronavirus known as Covid-19. Movie theaters, restaurants, small businesses and even our home life experienced drastic changes. Dreams have been altered and, in some cases, altogether destroyed. Countries throughout the world have closed their borders and greatly limited the ability to truly enjoy traveling the world. It's a bleak outlook when we wake up everyday to some new change - better known as - new variant.   Divers don't lay...

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When discussing buoyancy control, divers are actually talking about two critical skills. The first is the act of hovering and the second is the coveted "trim" we often hear from experienced bubble blowers. Both of these techniques are essential in achieving excellent buoyancy control.  Divers want to stay off the bottom. The act of achieving a hover helps accomplish this for a number of reasons. Divers do not want to damage the ocean any further than it is currently impacted by human interaction. A fin kick to a 200-year old piece of coral or the crashing of a human body...

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As humans, we often find ourselves drawn to activities, ideas, objects and places greater than ourselves. A beautiful sunset, getting a spaceship to Mars, finding ways to live a good life are all fulfilling characteristics of the human existence. Diving in California is no different. With the landscapes drastically changing from tip to tip, California offers divers an amazing view of the ocean in all of its wonder. A large number of divers find themselves drawn back into the cool waters time and again. If there was something greater than ourselves, it would be the Pacific Ocean.  The largest and...

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Welcome to our almost one-year anniversary of the pandemic! Many events last year were canceled due to fears of gathering in large groups. This has shifted the way we are maintaining our connections and we're finding that many 2021 events will be held remotely with the intent of still supporting folks during this crazy time in our lives.  Every year, the SoCal community comes together for events that range from fundraising to local environmental efforts. This year, with slight modifications, we'll do it again! If you'd like to stay up-to-date on events in our area, join up with our Facebook...

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California is home to a highly diverse scenery above and below the waves. Northern California is covered in Giant Redwood forests and sweeping views of rugged terrain. Areas like Monterrey, Big Sur and Point Lobos State Natural Reserve provide divers an amazing view of a protected underwater realm. Meanwhile, the Central Coast of California is a gateway to the Channel Islands, where one of the largest Marine preserves in the country reside. Large animals like Orcas and the Grey Whale travel through the Channel Islands and grace bubble-makers with an unparalleled diving experience! As a traveler moves further south along the longest continuous...

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