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When discussing buoyancy control, divers are actually talking about two critical skills. The first is the act of hovering and the second is the coveted "trim" we often hear from experienced bubble blowers. Both of these techniques are essential in achieving excellent buoyancy control.  Divers want to stay off the bottom. The act of achieving a hover helps accomplish this for a number of reasons. Divers do not want to damage the ocean any further than it is currently impacted by human interaction. A fin kick to a 200-year old piece of coral or the crashing of a human body...

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Introduction Scuba diving provides a platform in which skill refinement is a constant opportunity. With every dive into the depths, scuba divers find activities on this submerged frontier that captivate interest and allow exploration into areas that many humans have yet to set fin! Whether it is searching for submerged cities that are brought to life through the efforts of archeologists or the observation of plant and ocean life, scuba divers find themselves with a set of skills that are commonly accepted ways to make the experience more enjoyable. Buoyancy Control One such common skill is the control of buoyancy....

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