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This month marks year 22 of my scuba adventures. To toot my own horn for a second; I have accomplished 3,731 actual open water dives as of Saturday  morning (yes, I have a dive log). Additionally, I touched the bottom of a Catalina dive site at 302 feet with the proper equipment and traveled to 28 different countries to experience their waters over these years. Whether it was a cave system in the middle of Missouri or the isolated islands of Micronesia, there's been a commonality on every single dive: I can become a better diver.  You might think to...

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It was 1997, the waters off southern Japan were a frigid 52 degrees fahrenheit; my face hit the cold water and I immediately started the rapid depletion of the precious air in my scuba cylinder. Everyone else was calm and relaxed underwater. I would signal, after 20 minutes, that I was down to 700 psi on my submersible pressure gauge and my dive buddy would look at me bewildered. He showed me his SPG and it still had 2000 psi comfortably sitting in his tank. We slowly ascended to our safety stop and when we got to the surface, the...

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