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As humans, we often find ourselves drawn to activities, ideas, objects and places greater than ourselves. A beautiful sunset, getting a spaceship to Mars, finding ways to live a good life are all fulfilling characteristics of the human existence. Diving in California is no different. With the landscapes drastically changing from tip to tip, California offers divers an amazing view of the ocean in all of its wonder. A large number of divers find themselves drawn back into the cool waters time and again. If there was something greater than ourselves, it would be the Pacific Ocean.  The largest and...

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A lot of times we can't use words to describe any experience. We tend to video our experiences in order to fully appreciate the beauty of our surroundings. Orange County, California is completely full of amazing surprises when it comes to diving in Southern California. If you are an Orange County Scuba Diver, the reef of Dead Man's in Laguna Beach, CA is a 'can't miss' opportunity for any visiting diver.  Dead Man’s Reef is spectacular. Dolphins, Humpback Whales, and Seals on the way to the dive site; on Riviera Charters. Barracuda and killer schools of fish on the dive. Thanks...

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