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As humans, we often find ourselves drawn to activities, ideas, objects and places greater than ourselves. A beautiful sunset, getting a spaceship to Mars, finding ways to live a good life are all fulfilling characteristics of the human existence. Diving in California is no different. With the landscapes drastically changing from tip to tip, California offers divers an amazing view of the ocean in all of its wonder. A large number of divers find themselves drawn back into the cool waters time and again. If there was something greater than ourselves, it would be the Pacific Ocean.  The largest and...

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The year was 1998. We were at Shaw's Cove in Laguna Beach, California. My buddy and I had about 30 dives under our belt and were excited to get an early morning dive before the work day started. We grabbed tanks, put our gear together, and hit the water as quickly as we could. The faster we got in, the more time we could spend exploring! We entered and went to the rock where most divers descend to start their adventures. We planned to go through the famous cut out at Shaw's Cove. This provides beautiful photos and feels like...

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