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Scuba Show Deal - Sola 1200 Red Lens Light with Pistol Grip

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Product Overview:

The Sola 1200 photo light from Light & Motion is the latest upgrade to the revolutionary line of SOLA lights.  Simply better! Still half the size of the competition, it produces more light than any focus light in its price range. Its wide flood doubles as a general video light for the new classes of camera with video capability and the red light lets you sneak up on the sealife.

Sola 1200 Video Demo:


The Sola 1200 photo lights have a factory sealed body so you never need to worry about flooding. Control is accomplished through a magnetic tap switch that allows quick power changes and locks for travel.  Three indicator lights behind the bezel report the power and battery charge status.


Choose from a wide variety of mounting options. For photography the 1" ball mount allows you to mount your dive light on your SLR rig and use with Ultralight arms.  Video, LocLine mount works for 1/2" Locline flex arm systems. YS Mount allows for attachment on YS style flex arms. The wrist mount offers comfortable neoprene padded molded plate with locking light release and adjustable straps Size large and small available.


Light & Motion offers 2 year flood-free warranty to their focus and video lights.