Pro Ear Scuba Diving Mask for All Around Ear Protection RX Prescription available

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For many divers, from beginners to the most experienced professionals, ear problems affect their ability to enjoy their sport more than any other health issue. More dives are aborted and more diving holidays shortened due to ear problems than any other cause. Water and pressure affect every diver's ears. Infection and discomfort to the ear are the most common health risks involved in diving, often causing permanent damage. Many divers find they must interrupt expensive, long awaited diving holidays as a result of ear problems. The financial loss and unfulfilled expectations are enormous. PROEAR is the world's only practical ear protector for divers, designed and developed by diving physicians, engineers and instructors at SAFE DIVE. LTD in order to enhance diver safety and comfort. The PROEAR unique design and performance, allows divers to keep their ears dry, thereby: Improving diver comfort and preventing painful ear problems, improving hearing and sense of direction underwater and simplifying equalization of pressures while diving. The Mask Skirt is made from the best Grade of Crystal Clear, Hypoallergenic Silicone; the Double Feathered Edge Skirt is Soft and Automatically Conforms to a Wide Range of Facial Profiles. The Wide Split Style Strap is mounted on Swivel Buckles; the Silicone Strap with its Large Contact Surface Secures the Mask to the Wearer. The Silicone Rubber Double Feathered Edge Skirt and Wide Split Style Mask Strap combine to cre

  • Helps with ear problems while properly equipped under water
  • Easier pressure equalization
  • Prevents painful pressure induced ear problems
  • Prevents water to enter your ear canals.
  • Free Mask Pouch Included