Apeks 5000psi SPG

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The Apeks Brass SPG (Submersible Pressure Gauge) is designed to give you clear information on the remaining air pressure in your scuba cylinder in imperial measurements.With a luminous background and easy-to-read lettering, this scuba pressure gauge is very easy to use for long periods of time in poor lighting conditions. This dedicated pressure gauge is able to read up to 5000psi, using an internal Bourdon pressure measuring mechanism.Apeks instruments are tested beyond normal dive limits to ensure precise and accurate readings. Features: Range from 0-5000psi Uncluttered dial face for easy reading Depth range up to 70m (230 Feet) Casing made from nickel plated brass Luminous background for low light visibility and night diving Dial window constructed of highly shock resistant material Easily attaches with large loop area Over-pressure capsule to prevent screen from exploding in the unlikely event of internal mechanism failure Made with O2 compatible materials

  • The slim-line gauge case is made from nickel plated brass
  • Large loop area designed into the housing for ease of attachment
  • Made with O2 compatible materials but be sure to O2 clean before use with high percentage oxygen
  • The dial window is made of highly shock resistant material (anti-splinter Polycarbonate) to protect your quality gauge
  • Uncluttered, with large black figures on a luminous background giving a long phosphorescent effect