Dive Club

DIVE 949 | DIVE 714 | DIVE 760

Annual Dues: $80.00 pp.or $120 per family
Do you scuba dive in Orange County or San Diego County?
Represent your area code and enjoy some of the best dive buddies Southern California has to offer!
This V.I.P. club for scuba divers is a benefit package for you when you scuba dive with Beach Cities Scuba Centers! Come and scuba dive with us and you’ll not only get the chance to dive some of Orange County’s premier dive sites, but also around the world at a discount! Upon payment, member receives a card with expiration date for one year from payment date.
Underwater Pumpkin Carving in Laguna Beach, CADive 949 in Orange County, CA
  • Members can purchase selected products at 10% off
  • Members purchase Riviera tickets with $10 off retail price
  • Members purchase their air cards for $55 (Nitrox for $115)
  • Members only boat trips at a great price with their destination of choice
  • Members will enjoy a variety of dive trips both local and international.
  • Members who attend events will receive a raffle ticket that will be placed in an end of year raffle. Prizes will be given at the end of each year. Raffle tickets can also be purchased for $1 at any meeting.
  • Members can attend events such as treasure hunts, beach clean-ups, scuba competitions and many other activities exclusively. You will see a yearly calendar that showcases all the events!
Meetings: Members can attend events or join us on Facebook for the upcoming events on meetings and much more!
Dive 949 at the Yukon in San Diego, CA
Dive 949 in Shaw's Cove, CA