Dive Sites

Southern California holds amazing scuba diving all along the coastline. From San Diego to San Francisco, a diver can enjoy a myriad of fish and wildlife. Whether you are enjoying a beautiful boat dive or hitting the shoreline, you are guaranteed to see some of the most amazing things on your dives. Some favorites in our waters are the Giant Black Sea Bass, the White Seabass, sea lions, harbor seals, dolphins, Sheepshead, Garibaldi and much more! The life here is diverse, plentiful and lives safely in a Marine Protected Area. We've even had passing whales while diving! Your experience in California will be memorable. 

The Southern California coastline will hold you in wonder and awe. See below for some of our favorite dive sites in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Point and San Clemente!

Newport Pier

Corona Del Mar

Crystal Cove Underwater Park 

Emerald Bay

Crescent Bay (Seal Rock)

Deadman's Reef (Great Riviera Dive!)

Shaw's Cove

Fisherman's Cove

Diver's Cove

Heisler Park (Amazing Riviera Dive!)

Picnic Beach

Broadway Reef (Riviera Only)

Wood's Cove (Riviera takes you to deep reefs!)

Moss Street

Treasure Island

Monarch Point (Riviera Favorite!)

Three Arch

Salt Creek

A.C.E. Wreck (Riviera Only!)

San Clemente Rocks