Apeks XTX40 Octopus with 36" Hose

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The XTX40 octopus incorporates a new two-shot high strength composite front cover, improving the durability of the most vulnerable part of the demand valve. An octopus can be particularly prone to damage and so this is of significant benefit.

  • The new ergonomic Venturi lever of the XTX40 has been designed to reduce the amount of grit ingress.
  • A new silicone exhaust valve has been used on the XTX40 octopus improving breathing performance.
  • Nitrox Compatible to 40% (The Recreational Limits of Nitrox)
  • Standard with small exhaust tee, Suitable for cold water use
  • Diver Adjustable" venturi to prevent unwanted free-flow, with Yellow 36" Hose