Aqua Lung

Aqua Lung 1.5mm SeaVest

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The 1.5mm SeaVest is an indispensable accessory wherever you dive: wear it with a bathing suit in warmer waters, or layer it with any of our wetsuits or drysuits for added warmth. It's a versatile accessory that ups your preparedness for changing conditions.


Feel & Fit:

  • Ultra-Stretch Material. This super-stretchy neoprene makes for easy on/off
  • Customizable Face Seal. The face seal is designed to be easily trimmed for the size and shape of your face

Warmth & Protection:

  • Hood Designed for Scuba. A bubble vent in the hood allows any trapped exhaust from your regulator to escape
  • Durable. Flatlock seams stretch just like the rest of the suit, increasing their durability and longevity