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Aqua Lung 3/1mm SeaWave Hood

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As Aqua Lung’s premium wetsuit hoods, SeaWave hoods exceed expectations. The 3/1mm SeaWave Hood is perfect for taking the bite off those Fall or Spring water temperatures. You will find exceptional comfort originating from our selection of quality materials and use of perfected fit patterns.


  • Bibbed design.
    Tucks in under wetsuit collar for reduced water transfer
  • Ultimate comfort.
    3/1mm Lined with Glideskin and Heater Core Fleece™
  • Superior insulation.
    Combination of 3mm & 1mm neoprene
  • Custom Trimming.
    Face panel left unbound
  • Air Release System™.
    Vents trapped air at the top of the head
  • Durable construction.
    Flatlock stitched construction keeps water from penetrating seams
  • Convenient storage.
    Hanging loop located at top for easy drying