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Aqua Lung Express Full Foot Diving Fin

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This high performance, full-foot fin is based upon the Slingshot technology coupled with the latest in materials innovation. The result is comfort and performance. The blade is not directly attached to the front of the foot pocket. The fulcrum point is at the patented mid-foot location, known as the ?mid-foot flex joint?. This takes the strain off of the toes and ankle and allows the entire foot to be used. This results in incredible comfort. To bridge the gap between blade and foot pocket an ?armadillo? membrane is used. The ?armadillo? is a patented, elongating membrane made out of super-elastic rubber. It serves two functions: Accumulates elastic energy during each kick and gives it back at the end of the kick Make a complete connection between foot pocket and blade, eliminating hydrodynamic gap that water can move through. Foot pocket made with different thickness zones for better transmission of power from leg to fin, integrated power transmission belt keeps pocket from stretching on power stroke, low profile eliminates drag and turbulence, large rubber side ribs are high enough to channel water flow down the blade without letting water ?spill? over the edges.

  • Customized techno-polymer alloy blade has a high spring effect and flexibility for excellent responsiveness and acceleration
  • Armadillo membrane at the base of the blade absorbs energy during the power stroke, and releases prior to the upstroke for a power boost on every kick
  • Rubber side ribs channel water down the length of the fin, minimizing wasted energy from the spill-over effect
  • A Mid-foot Flex Joint is used to attach the blade to the side of the foot pocket for efficient energy transfer and reduced strain on the ankles and toes
  • Ergonomic foot pocket uses rubber of varying elasticity for a natural fit and comfortable, efficient kicking. Integrated power transmission belt keeps foot pocket from stretching on power stroke. Anti-slip rubber pads on the bottom of the foot pocket provide traction for moving around on boat decks