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Aqua Lung Stratos 3 Full Foot Fins

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The Aqua Lung Stratos 3 passed the most extreme stress and anti-shock laboratory test. The best all-around full foot fins for diving. With the power for scuba diving and the sleek lines of a snorkeling fin, the Stratos 3 is an excellent choice for warm water.

Torsion Energy Point, Constructed of a 3-materials by side rib area that helps the blade flexing. The bending point has been moved backward, allowing more powerful kick with less efforts. Ergonomic Foot Pocket – design and reinforced soft material allow a great comfort. The fin has to be worn bare foot or with sock.

Grip effect special finishing inside the foot pocket ensures high stability. Blade made of strong and elastic technopolimers. 4 channel structure for a better water canalization along the blade. Side wings enhance swim performance and stability.

Rubber side ribs in customized Aqua Lung compounds very elastic, robust, resilient, anti-scratch. Stretched right up to the heel lower sole, more comfortable to prevent cramps. Anti-slip rubber pads improve stability on slippery floor.

  • 4 Channel Structure for Better Water Canalization Along the Blade
  • Reinforced Soft Material Ergonomic Foot Pocket for Greater Comfort
  • Passed Most Extreme Stress & Anti-Shock Laboratory Testing
  • Side Wings Enhance Swim Performance and Stability
  • Anti-slip Rubber Pads Improve Stability on Slippery Floor