Aqua Lung

Aqua Lung Wraparound Mask

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Produced especially for military and search-and-rescue divers, the Wraparound's stainless steel frame and strap buckles provide the ultimate in extreme durability. A black, non-reflective coating heightens the stealth element, and an updated mask skirt gives this old diehard a high-performance, modern fit.


  • Unparalleled Durability. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel frame and buckle hold up to even the most extreme environments.
  • Three-Panel Design. Uncompromised side-to-side vision.
  • Natural Skirt Fit. Comfortable silicone skirt fits better and provides a more secure seal than those made of early-generation materials.
  • Tempered Glass Lenses. For your safety and the mask’s longevity, the lenses are made of tempered glass to guard against cracks and shattering, even under pressure and stress. Meets ANSI standards.