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Atomic Aquatics Blade Fin

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Atomic blade fins are designed for maximum power and speed while scuba diving. The unique blade construction increases propulsive thrust, delivering unmatched speed. Atomic bladefin is designed to deliver powerful kicking thrust when snorkeling or scuba diving. This dive fin sports a monocoque structure for unmatched power and speed. "monocoque" means the exterior of the fin absorbs much of the stress from water resistance. The power plate in the foot pocket adds extra support. Vertical stabilizers on the fin tips keep your fin blade`s tracking straight up and down. Fin buckles will rotate 180°,and the straps are adjustable with a simple tug. Atomic bladefin features: monocoque power loop blade structure power rail rib system ez lok buckle system vertical stabilizers on fin tips foot pocket power plate

  • Monocoque power loop blade structure
  • Power rail rib system
  • Ez lok buckle system
  • Vertical stabilizers on fin tips