Atomic BC1 BCD

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Atomic BC1 The BC. Redefined. The NEW Atomic Aquatics BC1 is designed to be the TOUGHEST performance BC in the world.The BC1 redefines traditional BC design. Every detail was reexamined. Every material and component was rethought. The new Atomic BC1 is designed for the diver who wants the absolute BEST available.BC1 Design "We wanted a World-Class BC... so we designed one."You need to order the Atomic SS1 or the AI inflator both we have in our store. BC1 does not include the SSI or the inflator must be added on to have shipped together

  • Laminated & coated waterproof fabric
  • Ratcheting CAM-LOK tank band
  • Patented EZ-LOK weight release system
  • Stainless steel d-rings, Titanium PVD coating
  • Sand resistant pocket zippers