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Finger Reel with Brass Clip Wreck Scuba Diving Tech Spool 3 Sizes

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Finger spools are essential for Technical Divers, but can also be used by any diver who wants to mark an underwater any reason. Whether you are mapping a cave, performing search and recovery, or setting research grids, finger spools can come in handy. Compact easy to stow in a BCD pocket until needed, the finger spool is a valuable piece of equipment to any diver.

  • This Quality Reel is great for cave and wreck diving.
  • Includes a Spool and Brass Clip
  • Rust-Free and light weight durable plastic frame
  • For cave/wreck diving - Can be used for deploying liftbags
  • Comes in three lengths, 45 feet, 100 feet and 160 feet