Hollis F-2 Techincal Diving Fins

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Increase your Power to Weight Ratio with Hollis Gear's new F2 Fins. If you are a Traveling Diver, looking to Reduce Weight or just favor a Lightweight Fin, look no further. The Patented F2 is designed to Add-Blade-Surface on both the Down-Stroke and Up-Stroke to Increase your Efficiency with any Type-of-Kick. The F2 is Injection Molded using High Grade, Heavy-Duty Monoprene Construction and uses a Shorter-Blade-Design which Packs-Easy and Improves Agility in Tight-Areas. The F-2 Fin has a Vented Blade Design that Reduces Stress while Accelerating Water Over-the-Blade. The Generous Foot Pocket will Accommodate various Foot Wear depending on the Water Temperature. The F-2 Open Heel Fin is available with Adjustable Stainless Steel Spring Straps that have Angled Strap Mounts for Comfort and a Better Transition of Power. The Fin is equipped with Multiple Strap Mounting Positions for a Fine-Tune Fit. The Spring Strap Assemblies have an Easy-Grip Heel Tab for Quick and Efficient Donning and Doffing. The Spring Straps are also Depth Compensating so no need for Adjustments while on a Dive. Fin is Black in color, comes in sizes Small 4-8, Regular 8-10, or X-Large 10-13, and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

  • Increase Power to Weight Ratio with Hollis Gear's F2 Fins
  • Great for the Traveling Diver
  • Reduce Weight Fin Design, Lightweight Fin
  • Add-Blade-Surface on Both Down-Stroke and Up-Stroke
  • Increase Efficiency with Any Type-of-Kick