Mares Tana Mask

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The Mares Tana Scuba Mask is a low profile, soft skirted, and easy to equalize scuba mask. The Mares Tana dive mask is made of a soft hypoallergenic liquid silicone, and has a beautiful ergonomic shape to it. The Mares Tana dive mask has reduced the distance of space between the mask and the face for a low profile, yet offers a wide field of vision. There is a system of pockets around the nose that makes the mask skirt more flexible, especially when equalizing. 

Mares Tana Scuba Mask Features:

  • Two lens design offers a large field of view without adding bulk
  • Reduced eye-to-lens distance reduces internal volume to decrease buoyancy
  • Hypoallergenic liquid silicone skirt comfortably conforms to any shape of face
  • A system of “pockets” around the nose keep the skirt flexible for a stronger seal and better comfort
  • ”Soft Touch” inserts on the frame for easy repositioning of the mask

Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine's "Ultimate Mask Review":

"This is Mares's answer to the mid range spearfishing masks like the Omer Alien. It actually blows me away that you don't see more of these masks in shops especially when you consider the suppliers' recommended retail price.

As always, the Mares quality and comfort are noticeable and this is not some cheap Chinese rip off. This mask will directly compete with the Rob Allen Snapper and Omer Alien as a good all round mask. The strap buckle is attached to the skirt and quality of the construction and materials is good. It is hard to find fault with this mask, even if it might not have the finesse of some of the masks available. So if this one fits you better than any other mask it will be a no brainer and a safe choice."