Oceanic Datamax Pro Plus 3.0 Air / Nitrox Integrated Dive Computer With Compass and Quick Disconnect

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Oceanic Pro Plus 3 Deluxe Personal Dive Computer With Quick Disconnect and Compass No More Squinting! Dive computers are supposed to deliver crucial data quickly and without confusion. We agree. That's why the new Pro Plus 3 combines a huge display area, the largest most legible digits on the market and an intuitive user interface with major feature enhancements. See it for yourself. FEATURES Largest, easiest-to-read display available - anywhere. Patented Air Time Remaining algorithm provides extremely accurate time based on current depth and your personal air consumption Dual Algorithm Custom alarms Quick disconnect SmartGlo Backlighting Fresh water and salt water calibrations 3 gases - NX to 100% Deep stop Adjustable safety stop settings Log saves detailed dive data for last 50 dives Data Retention - maintains calculations indefinitely when the battery is changed Review Card Manual TECHNICAL FEATURES Air Time Remaining Dive Time Remaining Choose Your Dive Mode Display Oversized Digits Water or Manual Activation Audible Alarms with Flashing LED Warning Light Audible Alarm Acknowledgement Air or Nitrox Oceanic Personal Dive Computer Algorithm Automatic Safety Stop Prompt FastSet Menu System Date and Time Stamp User Friendly Mode Icons Graphic User Interface Automatic Altitude Compensation Diver-Replaceable Batteries Battery Hot Swap 24-Hour Fly Countdown and Calculated Desaturation Time Variable Ascent Rate Indicator Depth-Dependent Ascent Rate SmartGlo Backlighting 50 Dive On-Unit Log Book Optional OceanLog PC Interface Optional PC Upload Extended Range Gauge Mode Turn-Around Pressure Alarm Ending Pressure Alarm Air or Nitrox Maximum Depth Alarm Elapsed Dive Time Alarm Units of Measurement 12/24 Hour Time Format Date and Time of Day Audible Alarm and Flashing LED Warning Light On/Off Nitrogen Tissue Loading Bar Graph Alarm Dive Time Remaining Maximum PO2 Level (Nitrox) FO2 50% De

  • Air-integrated, Nitrox compatible computer up to 50% O2
  • Dual Algorithm - DSAT or Pelagic Z+
  • 50 Dive Log
  • Downloadable (with optional USB cable)