Oceanic Omega 3 Scuba Diving Max Flex Yoke DVT Regulator (Black)

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  • The core of the Omega3 is it's durable, chrome plated all marine brass, levered servo valve - one of diving's most unique designs. It delivers airflow that is proportional to your demand. 
  • No more sudden rush of air at depth or fluttering when you're shallow. 
  • We accomplish this with an ingenious two chamber balanced design that provides pressure assisted air-flow and near zero inhalation effort. This means that unlike other regulators the Omega3 has no need for an inhalation-effort adjustment knob. 
  • The Omega3 valve is constructed from a tough and corrosion resistant chrome plated marine brass valve that has better cold water performance and even a better breathing experience than standard plastic valve designs.
  • The all metal valve encourages condensation of water vapor from your exhalation on the valve housing.
  • When you inhale condensed water vapor circulates with the airflow and helps to reduce "dry mouth" and increase your overall level of comfort.
  • The servo valve also has no up or down, meaning that it's a truly ambidextrous breather. This design allows you to comfortably route your hoses anyway you like and makes the Omega3 a great choice in an emergency as an backup air source. 
  • The positioning of the side exhaust valve is another example of purposeful design. Keeping exhaust bubbles out of your field of view is a huge benefit for all divers.