OMER Real 3D Camo 1.5mm Socks

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New 3 Dimensional Photographed Camouflage Pattern gives the diver the opportunity to Camouflage themselves virtually perfectly on the bottom. The Omer Camo 1.5 mm Socks gives you the Stealth you need when Underwater-Hunting. These 1.5 mm Socks are Extremely Easy to Don and Doff, and the 1.5 mm Thickness keeps your Feet Warm with great Maneuverability while on the Hunt. The Omer Sub 1.5 mm 3D Camo Socks have Sewn Seams for Strength and Durability. Socks are covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

  • This Item Includes: Pair of Omer Sub Camo 1.5 mm Socks
  • 3 Dimensional Photographed Camouflage Pattern
  • Camouflage yourself Virtually Perfectly on the Bottom
  • Stealth you Need when Underwater Hunting
  • Nylon ll Neoprene Rubber Socks