Riffe by DiveR Digi-Tek Composite Fiberglass Fin Blades - Medium Stiffness

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Riffe’s Composite Fiberglass Fin Blade Set (sold in set of 2).

RIFFE has partnered with renowned top of the line fin blade manufacturer DiveR. Custom epoxy resin system and aerospace grade fabrics produce a fin that transfers load progressively from toe to heel. Fiberglass blades are produced with a “medium” hardness for optimum performance.

Available with Veloc Foot Pocket if desired. 

Also compatible with  Omer stingray, Mares Razor and Salvimar foot pockets. Will fit Pathos and Beuchat with slight modifications (shave off a portion of the rail that overlaps the fin tendon and glue in instead of drilling and using mounting hardware.)

When blades only are ordered, they do not have pre-drilled holes.

  • Length 35 in. (89cm)


**Note Veloc Foot Pockets are sold separately. See drop down menu.