Riffe C.F.N Vertical Reel For Spearfishing (Without Line)

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This state of the art spearfishing reel is the third generation of innovation in spearfishing, built to sit vertically under your speargun barrel for reeling in your biggest fishes. Features: Lightweight, 8 oz Holds up to 200ft of 600lb Spectra line Automatic drag out, free reeling in On/off drag lever for bailout Tangle free design Spool set in back plate Corrosion resistant construction High impact strength Please note, this item does not include Spectra line.

  • Light weight (8 oz.)
  • Large capacity, accepting up to 60 meters (200ft) x 272 kg (600 lb) Spectra Line
  • Automatic Drag OUT / Free Reeling IN
  • On/Off Drag Lever for Bail-Out
  • Tangle Free / Spool set in Back Plate