Riffe Euro Series Speargun

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The new Euro X.Series features the same design as the standard Euro Series spearguns with added benefits. • Larger track, accepting up to 5/16” (8mm) diameter spearshafts, both European and Riffe square notch • Includes a 5 inch (12.7cm) rear extension for hip loading and aid when swinging gun • Includes a larger Coated Magnet for 5/16” shaft. (All Riffe Euro guns now come standard with large magnet.

  • Mag-Track for Better Accuracy and Freeshafting
  • "X" Models Have Rear Stock Extension For Hip Loading
  • Comes With 6.75mm(17/64in) Shaft and (2) 5/8" Gun Bands
  • 110X -130 Models Come With Thicker 7.1mm(9/32") Shaft and Stock
  • Built-In Threaded Reel Inserts Designed to Fit the Riffe Horizontal Reel