RIFFE LOW-PRO Horizontal Reel (Without Line) - FLAT MOUNT

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The New Riffe LO-PRO Horizontal Reel is a low-profile design made of composite materials (Nylon-Fiberglass) including heat treated aluminum with a hard anodized surface. Featuring a clutch type drag with 4 positions activated by a lever on the side of the reel. Change the amount of pressure on a running fish to greatly increase your chances of landing it with the ease of Riffe's clutch type drag. The spool will hold up to 125ft of line. Mounts on all RIFFE spearguns as well as other manufacture's that feature similar barrel shapes. Order FLAT for Riffe Euro Speargun Series and RADIAL for Riffe Competitor, Standard and Midhandle Speargun series.

  • Compact lower-profile version of Riffe’s Original Horizontal Reel
  • Flat Mount Designed to Fit in the Inserts on a Riffe Euro - Can Also Mount Directly Onto Any Flat Barrell Speargun
  • Radial Mount Designed to Fit All other Riffe Models Or Any Other Round Barrel Speargun
  • 4 Different Drag Postitions From Free Spool To Full Drag
  • Comes With Proper Hardware