Riffe Teak 54" Competitor Series Speargun for Scuba Diving and Spearfishing - Threaded Tip

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Designed for competition and entry-level divers. They are a more affordable version of the Standard Series, suitable for hunting around reefs, holes, and on the bottom. The Competitor Series has three teak laminates, except Competitor #4 & #4X, which have four for added strength. A rest tab may be added for aid when loading and for lower power shooting around rocks.<br><ul> <li>Near Silent Release</li> <li>Slim Teak Stock</li> <li>5" Bungie Shock Cord for Ease of Loading</li></ul>

  • 54" Teak Stock
  • 5/16" x 55" Threaded Shaft
  • Large 2-Barb Tip
  • Three 9/16" x 24" Bands