Scubapro Galileo Luna Wrist Top Scuba Diving Computer

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Scubapro Galileo Luna Wrist Top SCUBA Diving Computer has everything you need in a fully functional wrist-mount dive computer to maximize your underwater experience. Offering a choice of display screens, an intuitive menu system, optional upgrades and the bar-none best electronic compass around. This powerful dive computer handles nitrox mixes up to 100 percent O2, offers hoseless air-integration, and provides an enormous logbook that stores tons of useful data from each dive. The algorithm calculates true remaining bottom time and incorporates Profile Dependant Intermediate Stops, both of which add additional layers of safety to your diving. Although it's a fully loaded dive computer, the GALILEO LUNA is surprisingly easy to use. Offering a choice of three primary screen configurations to suit your individual tastes, you navigate through the system via three clearly marked control buttons. You can also rotate the screen 180 degrees, enabling the dive computer to be worn with control buttons on top or on bottom.