Scubapro Mantis 2.0 Wrist Computer

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Offering everything a recreational diver wants, and everything a technical diver needs, the M2 (MANTIS 2) is a wristwatch-style dive computer like no other. The M2 is loaded with topside features and underwater functions, including hoseless air integration and electronic navigation, plus it incorporates cutting-edge biometrics through Human Factor Diving that enable you to live your life in dive mode. The M2 is the newest example of SCUBAPRO's HF Diving computer design, and it stands at the pinnacle of go-anywhere, do-anything, "intelligent" personal dive computing. What makes the M2 the ultimate "intelligent" personal dive computer is its ability to incorporate your personal data into workload computations at a level unmatched in modern dive computing. Through the use of biometrics and other technological advances, you are now able to maximize your body's operational efficiency. You can be alerted when you're over-exerting, enabling you to avoid potential problems before they escalate into major events. Offering a totally customized dive computing system, the M2 features a visually pleasing display screen, an intuitive menu and a simple circular navigation system, making it one of the most user-friendly dive computers on the market. The alphanumeric characters and graphics are well-ordered and easy to read. The four metal control buttons allow for easy navigation through the system's intuitive menu. For leak-proof reliability, each button is assembled in a module using triple O-rings. When it's time to go diving, the M2 is the most advanced personal dive computer on the market. It starts with hoseless air integration that can handle multiple transmitters. The digital tilt-compensated compass offers easy navigation under water or on the surface. The HRM belt lets you monitor your heart rate at depth -- another SCUBAPRO exclusive. The HRM belt also measures your skin temperature which can be factored into your decompression algorithm for safer, more efficient diving.

  • Four Dive modes-Deco, Gauge, Apnea and CCR.
  • Sport mode. Full topside time-keeping functions.
  • New LED transmitter provides an on-the-spot estimate of your pressure when the first stage is attached to a tank. This lets you know if the tank has gas without the need to activate the computer
  • LED Flashing sequence: More than 100 bar: Slow short blinking , Green light Between 100 and 50 bars: Short double blinking - Orange light Below 50 bars: Long single blink - Red light.
  • Transmitter is powered by a user-replaceable battery that's good for three years or 150 to 200 dives. What is in the box: Manits 2.0 Dive Computer, LED Transmitter and HRM Belt