SEAC Jack Freediving Dive Computer, Black

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Freediving Use: IPTM is the first algorithm to calculate the minimum advisable recovery time between dives, helping keep the risk of Taravana to a minimum. Here how it works: Tissue Saturation Factor (TSF) Calculated using Buhlmann's ZHL 16 B algorithm - the TSF utilizes dive time, depth, dive speed descent and ascent, and the dive dynamic. Hypoxia Factor depth and duration of the previous dive, Dehydration Factor number of dives done, depth and duration of the dives. Free diver behavior consideration of the recovery time of previous dives and adjusting the level of conservatism. Prevention for Hemptysis and Pulmonary Oedema Set the depth, the JACK will let you know how to get there. Just set the depth you want to achieve and JACK will guide you through the first three dives to warm up" your pulmonary capillaries and reduce the risk of developing pulmonary edema and hemoptysis.

  • Ultimate free dive, scuba dive, watch & exercise activity companion computer
  • Altimeter, barometer, temperature, & weather forecast, lunar phases, alarm clock & dual time
  • IPTM: First Algorithm to Calculate Minimum Advisable Recovery Time Between Dives
  • Tsf utilizes dive time, depth, dive speed descent/ascent, & dive dynamic
  • Compass; 3D compass, tilt-compensated up to 90 degree w/accelerometers