SeaLife O-Ring Set for SeaLife SportDiver Housing

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O-Ring Set for SeaLife SportDiver Housing

Replacement O-ring set for SportDiver Underwater Smartphone Housing

How to Replace SportDiver O-Rings

How to replace O-ring:

  1.  Lift and remove O-rings from their grooves using the O-ring removal tool.
  2. Clean the O-ring grooves using a dampened, lint-free cotton cloth.
  3. Apply thin film of SeaLife Silicone O-ring lube (item SL9807) to the new O-rings.
    Use fingertips to evenly spread the lube. Don’t stretch the O-rings.
  4. Install new, lubed O-rings in their groove being careful not to twist the O-rings.
  5. Check that O-rings are clean and evenly seated in their groove.