Sherwood Scuba Gemini

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Replaces the conventional BC power inflator and back up second stage regulator by combining the functions of both in a single convenient unit. Eliminates need for one hose from first stage. Provides excellent breathing performance without need for in-water adjustments. Power inflation, oral inflation and exhaust trim valve operations remain similar to the standard BC inflator and allow easy single-handed control. 

  • Sherwood Scuba Gemini Safe Second Stage Octopus and BCD Inflator for Scuba Diving
  • Breathes like your primary regulator
  • Streamline your diving by removing an Octopus hose. The BCD Inflator Hose acts as your Octo hose as well.
  • Free Parts For Life Warranty Program. (Restrictions apply).
  • The Gemini Safe Second is made by Sherwood Scuba, an American dive brand specializing in Life Support, Masks, Snorkels, and Fins since 1955