Sherwood USB Cable for Wisdom 9000 Series Computers

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You got the Sherwood wisdom 9000 or in-sight dive computer, but you are tired of writing down all the information in your log book. Then start an electronic logbook with this download kit. The kits program is available on line at Easily download your logged dives to your personal computer with this download cable. Download cable works with both the wisdom 9000 (chrome button) series and the in-sight dive computers. Once you have the program on your computer this cable will allow viewing of dive profiles with color graphs. Easy to print-out log information when you are ready-to-vacation in St-Somewhere and want to prove-your-diving experience. It can help improve diving-ability by allowing you to observe critical-dive profile information. Share your underwater experiences with others; this is a must for the series diver.

  • Allows full logbook information download
  • Eliminates hand written logging
  • Pc compatible
  • Dive profiles with color graphics
  • Helps prove your diving experience