Sherwood Wisdom 3 Air Integrated Scuba Dive Nitrox Computer with Compass and Quick Disconnect

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The Wisdom 3 continues the tradition of the Sherwood Scuba brand while offering new, enhanced features like full-time access to NDL regardless of ATR, Dive Time Remaining on main screen and when in Dive Mode you can see your available dive time whether limited by ATR or NDL.

  • Expanded memory for dive profiles - access to up to 110 dives.
  • Deep stop reminder – conforms to latest theories recommending deep stops for dives that exceed 80 feet.
  • Air integrated feature – Display air supply remaining (PSI).
  • Dive Time Remaining feature – calculates and displays dive time remaining based on current consumption rate or available no deco time remaining.
  • House of Scuba is an authorized Sherwood dealer