Suunto PC Download Kit for Cobra/Mosquito/Vyper/Vytec & Zoop computers

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Suunto Usb Interface Cobra/Vyper/Zoop/Helo2 This interface cable allows you to connect your dive computer to Suunto's Dive Manager 4 (DM4). With the Suunto DM4 software it's easy to plan, transfer, and track your dives with your dive computer. And when you join, Suunto's online sports diary, you'll be able to share and compare your dives with other divers around the world too. It's compatible with both PC and Mac. Connects Suunto large face computers e.g. Cobra3, Vyper Air, HelO2 to the USB port on your computer It's compatible with both PC and Mac Suunto DM4 software allows you to both transfer your dive computer's logbook data to your laptop for detailed analysis and upload detailed dive plans from your laptop to your dive computer. Suunto DM4 is free to download and will be updated automatically when you are online. Before you begin a dive, you can easily plan dive profiles, gases, and back up plans on your laptop using DM4's detailed graphical planner and export them to your wristop dive computer using a compatible USB cable, ready for your next dive

  • Allows Full Logbook Information Download
  • Eliminates Hand Written Logging
  • PC Compatible
  • Dive Profiles with Color Graphics
  • Helps Prove your Diving Experience