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XS Scuba LED VIP Inspection Light

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The XS Scuba Visual Inspection Light uses the latest LED technology to produce the bright white illumination required to perform a proper visual inspection. This VIP light is comprised of 21 LED chips mounted 0.66” (16.7 mm) apart, on a ribbon mounted inside of a flexible, watertight sleeve. As such, the entire assembly is flexible and not susceptible to breaking, snapping, impact or shock. It is the most durable light being offered for visual inspections today.


  • The narrow wand will fit into all common SCUBA, SCBA and industrial gas cylinders
  • LED array is mounted on a single-sided, flat ribbon. The light intensity within the cylinder can be adjusted by simply rotating the wand
  • The light array wand is highly flexible and can be bent, or formed, for special applications. The plastic sleeve has a temporary memory and will assume the shape and form of any surface it rests upon for a few hours.
  • UV additive inhibits fading of the wand
  • Bright white - 6000K color temp wavelength
  • 126 lumens per foot
  • Input 100 – 240v 50/60Hz
  • Output 12v = 0.7A
  • 21 LED chips
  • Wand length is 14” (36 cm)
  • Cord length = 60” (152 cm)