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SeaDive SeaKing Mask

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SeaDive – SeaKing Accepts Corrective Lenses

The SeaDive Premier Line of masks is comprised of the same popular models as the RayBlocker HD® and the True Color™ collections but with a traditional clear glass lens.

The SeaKing is a time-proven model that retains its popularity due to its ability to comfortably fit most faces. 

  • Molded from soft, hypoallergenic silicone

  • Fits most faces

  • Double seal around edge of mask skirt keeps water out

  • Ratcheting buckle system is easy to adjust

  • Wide mask strap stays in position

Corrective Lens Option

The SeaKing can be partially disassembled, lenses removed, and replaced with corrective lenses. Both negative and positive diopters are available.

Negative Diopters

  • Negative diopter covers the entire surface of the lens

  • Available in -1.5 to -6.5 diopters (see below)

  • Negative diopter lenses are symmetrical and will work on either right or left side

Positive Diopters

  • Positive magnification covers the bottom third of the lens.

  • Top 2/3rds of lens is clear glass

  • Available in +1.0 to +3.0 diopters (see below)

  • Dedicated left or right lens